Our Journey of Love and Commitment

    We live and train with our Norfolk Terriers. We are AKC Breeders of Merit and participate in AKC events to include; conformation, agility, Earthdog, Rally Obedience, and therapy dog work. We are also involved in the Rescue and Rehoming effort.
    Occasionally, we breed a litter with an overall goal of maintaining the breed's health and conformation. As a result, we evaluate our puppies a longer length of time to allow us to select the puppy we will keep. We diligently work to find good homes for our remaining puppies and have been blessed with great families for them. We guarantee the health of our puppies and serve as a resource for their families.


We have taken and received many pictures over the years of our family. Here is an online collection of our special memories.

Rescue Report

For 2009, we are happy to report it was quiet on our front. We assisted with tracking down several inquiries, but all turned out to be other breeds. We also worked with donation efforts for the Rescue/Rehome. ...more on our rescue and rehoming.

Rescue Flyer.

Members in good standing with:Norfolk Terrier ClubAmerican Norfolk Terrier AssociationMerrimac Dog Training ClubRivanna River Dog Training ClubLangley Kennel Club