About US

  mary and tonyLet me introduce our family of Norfolks and ourselves. We have been active in Norfolk Terriers since 1997 and have enjoyed every minute. We are active in training our Norfolks in Conformation, Agility, Rally, Therapy Dog International, and Earthdog. All of our dogs are AKC registered and either have a tattoo or microchip for identification. They are part of our family and each one brings it own personality to our home. We assign jobs to our dogs. Most are training in a competition sport, others are doing therapy work, and some are just asked to sleep in bed with us or be our companion. We strive for healthy dogs, structurally sound, attentive, and intelligent and test appropriately for hearts, eyes, hips, temperament, etc. In addition, we have been part of the Norfolk Terrier Rescue and Rehoming effort. We are members of the Norfolk Terrier Club, American Norfolk Terrier Association, Merrimac Dog Training Club, and Rivanna River Dog Training Club.

  We make it a practice to remain a resource for our families. We have been blessed with wonderful families. We socialize our puppies with all ages and introduce them to travel and other situations in order to make the transition to their new home smooth.

  We plan our breeding very carefully, reviewing pedigrees, evaluating the health and structure of the mother (Dam) and father (Sire) and past generations. Our goal is to breed the Norfolk Terriers which best represent the AKC Norfolk Terrier Standard. Norfolk Terrier litters are usually small, one to three puppies. If we do not have puppies available, we will assist in locating a reputable breeder with puppies available. Please be aware of various puppy mills that sell so called Norfolk Terrier puppies for high prices, but are not reputable breeders. These puppies can be mix breeds, or imported, or surgically altered, but will not look like a Norfolk Terrier.

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