About US

  As breeders, we evaluate our puppies at 8 weeks, 12 weeks, and 6 months to determine correct structure and record our findings. Generally, we will keep at least one of the puppies to train and prepare for conformation.

  Once the puppies are of age and have received their three shot series, we will inform the families on our waiting list that their puppies are ready to be picked up. We do not make it a practice to ship puppies. The waiting list can last as much as a year. To get on our waiting list, we usually advertise on the AKC website. Prospective families will email or call. If it sounds like a possible good fit, we email our information sheet and application. Our application is in depth. It is designed to assure the potential owner is aware of the Norfolk Terrier’s needs; for example, a fenced in yard, regular exercise, quality food, and a vet who understands terriers. In addition, the application addresses the owner’s consideration and responsibility of appropriate amount of time to spend with a puppy including training and exercise.

  When the family comes to pick up their puppy they are provided with a folder to keep papers, coupons for food, next month’s heartworm preventative and Flea preventative, Veterinary record, which certifies the puppies’ health for the common puppy diseases, i.e.: parvo, distemper, etc., contract, and toys. The family will check their new puppy into their vet within three weeks of taking ownership. At the end of the three week period, we will check with the family to make sure all is well. At this time we will send the AKC papers so the family can register the puppy. We require our pet puppies are neutered or spayed and receipt of a certificate of proof must be provided to us upon completion.

  We will remain a resource to the family for as long as they need us. We also encourage the family, if anything should change and they are unable to keep the puppy even once it is an adult, we want them to contact us and we will either have them return the dog to us or we will assist in finding a new home for the dog. We do not want our little Norfolk Terriers ending up in the Pound.

Mary Jo & Tony Sweany, Martone Eden Norfolk Terriers