The Berg and Coyne Family

We would hope to highlight one family that has truly touched our hearts with willingness to open their home, not once, three times in 2007. The family is the Berg and Coyne Family. Kathy and Nancy are sisters. They live near each other. Both had lost their Norfolk Terrier and were dealing with the grief. Kathy’s daughter, Jane Berg, started the search for a Norfolk terrier for her mom. We are so glad they contacted us. We had several really nice visits with them prior to getting their Norfolk Terrier and several calls as well as wonderful gifts of plants and chocolate, etc. We introduced the family to Joan Carrawan, a good friend of ours and a first time Norfolk Terrier breeder. She had a male (Finnigan) and a female (Callie O’Malley). In addition, we introduced them to two of our puppies, Gracie and our two year old Orie.

After several great visits, Kathy Berg fell in love with Orie (Martone Precious Golden Ore). Nancy (Sister to Kathy) and Laurence Coyne fell in love with Callie O’Malley. Jane Berg, the one responsible for finding us decided she was in love with Callie’s brother, Finnegan. Since Kathy and Nancy live so close to each other, the sister and brother, Callie and Finnegan as well as their aunt, Orie get to play together every day. Thank you Berg Family and Coyne Family for your love and commitment to the breed.

We also want to say how much we enjoyed working with Joan Carrawan, the breeder of Callie and Finnegan. It was a good experience for all of us.

callie & the coynes
Callie and the Coyne Family