Email from Johnston Family re: Joey
“I wanted to let you know that Joey is doing very well. He is a real "lap dog", as he loves to it in my lap. His favorite toys are his balls and he can put 2 of them in his mouth at the same time, it is too funny. We are completing his 7th week of Puppy Classes next week. He is a smart dog and figures out how to get treats pretty easily. Everyone loves him and he loves them back. The grandchildren were here for a week and had so much fun with him. He was very good with them…”

Email from Allyn Linas, daughter re: Crystal (Chrissy)
“Mary Jo and Tony Ray, Just wanted to let you know that my parents are THRILLED, ABSOLUTELY INSANE, AND OVER THE EDGE about Chrissie (my new sister).She is SPOILED ROTTEN! They call me every day to tell me what precious thing she has done in the past five minutes. The latest is that she barks at the characters on the cereal box…” “She loves my Mom but is especially c crazy about my Dad (seems to have a thing for men, actually). I am having a little sculpture of her done for them for Christmas and am giving them a blanket for her with \"Princess\" embroidered on it. You have given them a reason to get up in the morning, and to get out and exercise. It was a great gift for all of us. Thank you so much, Allyn Linas.”

Email from The Flowe Family re: Milo
“Dear Sweanys…Milo is doing great!... We went through 3 sessions of dog obedience classes at a nearby Parks and Recreation Center. Near the end of the summer he qualified for TDI (Therapy Dog International) & his CGC. He is an absolute love, thank you so much for bringing him into our lives! 
“Thanks so much! The pictures turned out great! We couldn't be happier with little Milo. He's really made a place in our hearts, as well as in our family, and seems to be adapting very well to his new environment. He's the celebrity in the neighborhood, and has plenty of opportunities to socialize with kids and other dogs around the cul-de-sac. He's the perfect little gentleman!” Hope to hear from you, Melinda Flowe.

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