Rescue and Rehoming

Rarely are Norfolk Terriers found in an animal shelter. Norfolk Terrier breeders are dedicated to never seeing a Norfolk Terrier in a pound. As a result of this dedication, breeders will guarantee themselves as resources for the family. If there is a change in the home, health of the owner, or a need to find a home for your Norfolk Terrier, the breeder can be contacted for assistance in finding another home or having the dog returned.

Breeders and owners are always on the lookout for possible Norfolks in shelters. In addition, the rescue/rehoming chair, Sue Eley, will contact breeders close to the shelter so the dog can be checked to see if he or she is actually a Norfolk Terrier.

For 2009, we are happy to report it was quiet on our front. We assisted with tracking down several inquiries, but all turned out to be other breeds. We also worked with donation efforts for the Rescue/Rehome.

The Rescue/Rehome Committee for the National Norfolk Terrier Club,, has been busy identifying dogs, reported as Norfolk Terriers on popular dog sites, animal shelters, and Humane Societies. Many mixes are turned in and are often miss-identified as a Norfolk Terrier. In order to assist the various animal shelters and humane societies identify the Norfolk Terrier, a flyer was produced demonstrating what a Norfolk Terrier is likely to look like. The pictures are of the Norfolk ungroomed, shaved, different colors, and ages. We would encourage you to print the flyer and drop it off at your local animal shelter or humane society to use as a reference in identifying our little terriers.

Fortunately, 2008 was quiet on the Norfolk Terrier Rescue & Rehoming for Virginia.

We assisted with two rehoming needs. As a result, we have added a new norfolk terrier member to our family. Toby was being rehomed as he was mistreated by a child as a young dog. He was fine for 4 years until children came into the picture and he was scared and unable to be around them. The breeder was contacted and arrangements were made to return Toby. Since we were closer to the family we had the owner drop Toby off with us. Toby is a great dog, he had only two issues, young children and he was 26.1 pounds. We offered to start him on a diet and start the search for a new home. Toby arrived June 29th and Tony fell in love with him as he missed his pal, our Toby (same name). Toby is officially our little man of the house. He is doing excellent on his diet, sleeps on our bed, loves barking at the rabbits with the girls and laying on the chest under the window sill napping.

Also, we were able to assist in rehoming a fellow breeder’s dog to a new home which was better suited for his needs. This was a good example of how Norfolk Terrier Breeders are committed to the welfare of the breed for the life of the dog.

For 2007, we are happy to report; we were only called one time to check out a possible Norfolk terrier in Virginia Beach, Va. Turned out to be a mixed breed and several families were interested in him. We contacted the shelter and found out he was placed with a good family.

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