Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I apply to get a puppy?
A: Complete our application and return via email or mail.

Q: How much do Norfolk terriers weigh?
A: Adult Norfolk terriers weigh between 10 and 14 pounds.

Q: What coat colors do Norfolk Terriers have?
A: Norfolk terrier coats can be red, red wheaten, black & tan, and grizzle. These are the only acceptable coat colors.

Q: What is the average age of a Norfolk terrier?
A: The average age of a Norfolk terrier is 9 to 14 years.

Q: Are there any health issues with the Norfolk terrier?
A: Norfolk terriers are overall a very healthy breed. Health issues include; Mitral valve disease which is leakage in the Mitral valve of the heart. This condition can be identified by color Doppler. Dogs can have shorter life spans or may live a very long life. Breeders test their breeding dogs so they can make educated decisions to help reduce and eventually eliminate this health risk. Check the resource section of under health for internet sources on this subject.
Other tests breeders have done on their breeding dogs are CERF for eyes and OFA and or PIN Hip for hips and luxating patellas.

Q: Do Norfolk terriers shed?
A: Norfolk terriers will shed if they are not stripped regularly (at least every 2 months and brushed regularly.) If an owner is hoping to keep their Norfolk in show coat, the grooming sessions will have to be at least every three weeks.

Q: How often do you bathe Norfolk terriers?
A: Norfolk Terriers do not require baths due to their harsh coats. They do not get that “doggy smell” you notice with many other breeds. If, however, they manage to get into something; i.e., skunk, baths can be done with a gentle shampoo. Dogs that are being shown in conformation will have their furnishings bathed as part of the grooming process.

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