Norfolk Terrier Grooming

Grooming of the Norfolk terrier includes stripping of the coat. The coat can be kept in its natural state, but there will be shedding. Norfolk Terriers should be groomed at least every two months to keep shedding to a minimum and the dog neat. Hand stripping can be expensive. Expect at least $60.00 for a two hour session. Norfolk Terriers should not be over brushed or bathed, as it will dry out the skin. Water and dirt will fall from the coat in short order due to the harshness of the coat. If bathed, the shampoo should be for terrier coats in order to maintain the harshness.

If you live in driving distance, Mary would be glad to groom your Norfolk Terriers. In the event you do not live close enough and can not locate a groomer, we will do our best to locate one for you.

Grooming Resources

■ American Norfolk Terrier Association
- article with diagram

A Guide to Hand stripping the Norfolk Terrier
by Martin Phillips

training Video:

AMP Stripping and Grooming the Norfolk Terrier

Presented by British breeder Martin Phillips. Demonstrates knife, finger and thumb stripping, trimming behind tail, feet and furnishings.