Norfolk Terrier Health

Norfolk Terriers are generally healthy. We strive for healthy dogs, structurally sound, attentive, and intelligent and test appropriately for hearts, eyes, patellas, and temperament.

Mitral valve disease was identified as major health risk in 2002 for Norfolk Terriers. In order to be aware and able to make responsible breeding decisions, we have appropriate testing done; to include, Color Doppler Echocardiogram by a Board Certified Cardiologist to identify Mitral valve leakage, CERF to identify disease of the eye, and Patellar Exam and/or Hip X-rays to identify problems with the hips and or patellas.

In addition to appropriate testing, we assure our Norfolks receive an annual examination by a qualified veterinarian and receive plenty of exercise and a healthy balanced diet.

Over 40 years of dedication to the advancement of canine health.

"Dedicated to the elimination of heritable eye diseases in purebred dogs through registration and research."